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Hiring Solutions

Direct Hire

Greensboro Job AgenciesThe direct hire approach focuses on positions that require specific qualifications, knowledge and experience. As a general rule, upper-level positions requiring more specialized skills and requirements are better suited to the Direct Hire method. During periods of low unemployment, the most qualified, competent candidates are generally employed. The Direct Hire solution allows you the opportunity to interview the top three or four employed candidates, not just the best unemployed individuals.

Providing the expertise, tools and resources needed to seek out professional candidates who are not only competent, but who will grow and be an asset to your company is just financially smart. Finding the right people, for the right job, is what we do best and we guarantee each and every placement.


The Temp-to-Hire choice targets entry and mid-level positions within your organization. This hiring solution allows both you and the candidate the opportunity to work together for a 90-day trial period before either party commits to a final employment decision. Choosing from the unemployed candidate pool and “trying someone out” allows you to observe the soft skills (personality, sense of urgency, communication styles, etc.) and hard skills (software knowledge, clerical skill level) of the prospective employee before transferring him or her to your payroll.

This hiring process was initially created during a period of high unemployment when the labor market was saturated with qualified candidates. However, the labor market is constantly changing. The US employment population has decreased from 78 million (Baby Boomers) to 43 million (Generation X). This decline in the labor population means we will eventually experience a shortage of candidates. Coupled with a thriving job market, this limits your candidate pool for the Temp-to-Hire method of hiring.

Temporary Solutions

Temporary hiring allows businesses to take advantage of competent interim employees on an as-needed basis. Allow us to assist you during crisis situations, or when an employee qualifies for planned time away from the job (short or long term disability, family medical leave, vacation, etc.).

Whether your project needs are short or long term or deadline-driven, our extensive screening enables us to provide qualified employees within a timely manner, allowing you to continue to meet your daily goals and objectives.