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Interview Advice

Greensboro Job AgenciesHow you present yourself during the interview is more important than any other criteria. Many times, the most qualified candidate on paper does not get the job offer due to a negative interview experience or attitude. Here are a few helpful tips to follow:

Before Your Interview:

  • First impressions are lasting impressions! Dress appropriately for your interview: in general, dress conservatively (closed-toe shoes, no heavy cologne, simple make-up and jewelry).
  • Plan on arriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Research the company/position as much as possible – view Web sites, job descriptions, etc.
  • Know where to go, who to ask for and what to expect.
  • Rehearse anticipated questions/answers – be prepared to ask questions regarding the position.
  • Bring extra copies of resume, references, or letters of reference, and paper/pen to take notes.

During Interview

  • If asked to fill out an application –take the time to neatly fill out each section in a friendly and positive manner.
  • Be confident and professional – firmly shake the hand of the prospective employer.
  • Make eye contact and let him/her lead the way. Never interrupt.
  • Ask questions to clarify details – why is position open, likes/dislikes of last person in job, any overtime, travel, who do I report to, ideal personality, etc.
  • Turn off cell phones; put away your car keys or other distracting items.
  • Do not bring up salary or benefits unless the interviewer specifically addresses these subjects.
    • Request interviewer’s business card and ask what the next step is – “Do you feel I am a good fit?”

After Interview

  • Call your THR Personnel Consultant promptly to give your feedback – your impressions are critical and can help us do a better job in placing you.
  • Write a thank you note to each person you met with separately and mail it within 24-hours. A thank you note is enclosed for your convenience.
  • Follow up promptly with any requests that came up in the interview – (i.e. references, samples of work, referrals, etc) through your THR Personnel Consultant.
  • Your THR Personnel Consultant will be in touch with you as soon as he/she has feedback from the client regarding the next step.

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